Ex-CBI Chief Faces Corruption Probe

Ex-CBI Chief Faces Corruption ProbeEx-CBI Chief Faces Corruption Probe

The judiciary is investigating the former governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) for corruption, the judiciary’s Spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei said late Saturday. Ejei told state TV that some government officials have been investigated for possible involvement in financial corruption cases, Tasnim News Agency reported. “Regarding disruptions in the foreign currency market, the deputy governor of the CBI was among those questioned,” he said, adding that the former governor was also “under investigation but was not detained.”  The spokesman went on to say that the investigations are underway and it has become clear that corruption exists. In late July, the former CBI boss Valiollah Seif was replaced by Abdonnaser Hemmati, after the local currency hit a record low against the US dollar. Iran’s currency has lost about two-thirds of its value this year, hitting a record low earlier this week of 150,000 rials to the US dollar. It recovered to 130,000 per dollar on Saturday in unofficial trading, according to the currency market website. The rial has been hit by a weak economy, financial difficulties at local banks and strong demand for safe-haven dollars.


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