Trump to Misuse UN Security Council for Iran Bashing

Trump to Misuse UN Security Council for Iran BashingTrump to Misuse UN Security Council for Iran Bashing

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused President Donald Trump of planning to "abuse" the presidency of the UN Security Council to criticize Tehran and Washington's political nemesis.

The US leader "plans to abuse its SC presidency to divert a session - item devoted to Palestine for 70 years - to blame Iran for horrors US clients have unleashed across ME [Middle East]," Zarif wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Iran and the US have been engaged in a diplomatic war and harsh rhetoric since Trump came to office less than two years ago.

During his election campaign, the beleaguered candidate Trump as a matter of policy referred to the historic 2015 nuclear agreement as the "worst deal" ever and vowed to tear it apart.

On Tuesday, US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced Trump would chair a UN Security Council meeting on Iran later this month to spotlight its "violations of international law" during the annual gathering of world leaders in New York.

The US, which holds the council presidency for September, has unsuccessfully pushed it to call out Iran. Haley has regularly used toxic language to attack Iran, accusing it of meddling in the wars in Syria and Yemen.

She told reporters Trump was chairing the meeting "to address Iran's violations of international law and the general instability Iran sows throughout the entire Middle East region".

As usual she did not say anything about the wholesale disasters successive US administrations have unleashed  with their lawlessness, interventions and irresponsible ways in many countries over decades.

Trump in May withdrew from the nuclear deal aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program in return for lifting the sanctions.

Trump also ordered the reimposition in August of sanctions suspended under the deal.


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