Report on Iran Moving Missiles to Iraq Without Evidence

Report on Iran Moving Missiles to Iraq  Without EvidenceReport on Iran Moving Missiles to Iraq  Without Evidence

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry said Sunday it was “astonished” at a Reuters report that Iran had moved missiles to Iraq and that the article was “without evidence” .Iraq is not obliged to respond to media reports that lack tangible evidence backing up their claims and allegations,” the ministry said in a statement, Reuters reported.

“All state institutions in Iraq uphold Article 7 of the constitution, which prohibits the use of Iraqi land as a base or passage to be used in operations targeting the security of other states.”

Reuters, citing unnamed sources, reported on Friday that Iran had given ballistic missiles to Iraq’s popular forces fighting alongside the regular army and was developing the capacity to build more there. The Iraqi government and military declined to comment at the time. In Sunday’s statement, the foreign ministry said it was “astonished at the allegations” contained in the report.

Iran on Saturday rejected the report, which it said aimed to hurt its ties with neighbors. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi dismissed the reports as “baseless, meaningless and ridiculous”.

“The claim that has been raised by certain notorious centers and media outlets is totally irrelevant and basically false,” he added, according to the Foreign Ministry website.

Qassemi stressed that such reports are aimed at spreading fear among regional states and are part of “the enemies’ Iranophobia and anti-Iran policies.”

“The main purpose of these false and ridiculous reports is to negatively impact the Islamic Republic’s foreign relations, particularly with its neighbors,” he said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Twitter he was “deeply concerned” by news that Iran was transferring ballistic missiles into Iraq. He urged Iraqi leaders to form a new government quickly after a May 12 parliamentary election.


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