Gaza Resistance Source of Pride

Gaza Resistance Source of PrideGaza Resistance Source of Pride

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the people of Gaza should be proud of their resistance against the Israeli regime.

Speaking at the fifth international conference on "Gaza, Symbol of Resistance", which opened in Tehran on Sunday, Larijani said, "There is scarcely a nation which has suffered so much over the past decades (referring to the Palestinian nation)," adding, "The resistance of the people in Gaza is a source of pride, which has never waned," ICANA reported.

The Majlis speaker said, "The Palestinian youths, who have put up resistance to achieve the ideals of Palestine through enduring hardships and even embracing martyrdom, serve as models for young people around the world."   

The conference focuses on five subjects, namely resistance; opportunities and challenges, the prospects for the axis of compromise, evaluating the equation of confrontation with the Zionist regime at regional level, the equation between resistance and compromise and international alliances, and Al-Quds: the pivot of unity in the Muslim world.