Saudi Gov’t Urged to Halt Executions

Saudi Gov’t Urged to Halt ExecutionsSaudi Gov’t Urged to Halt Executions

An Iranian human rights group has warned Saudi Arabia of the consequences of its “cruelties,” including reported plans to execute several human rights activists.

According to New York-based Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for five rights activists from Qatif in the kingdom’s Shia-majority Eastern Province.

Iran’s High Council for Human Rights “seriously warns Saudi rulers about the consequences of these clear cruelties and crimes against the oppressed people in Qatif and other right-seeking and anti-oppression activists,” it said in a statement, Press TV reported on Sunday.

The council, affiliated to Iran’s judiciary, also underlined “the necessity for international bodies, especially the UN and the Human Rights Council, to show sensitivity and pursue the issue seriously.”

Saudi Arabia has accused the activists of inciting mass protests in the oil-rich Eastern Province, with human rights groups saying the execution threat is a calculated bid to stifle dissent.

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