America’s Hate Rooted in 1979 Islamic Revolution

America’s Hate Rooted in 1979 Islamic RevolutionAmerica’s Hate Rooted in 1979 Islamic Revolution

The US hatred of Iran has its roots in the country’s move towards independence following the 1979 Islamic Revolution that led to the ouster of US-backed monarch Mohammad Reza Shah, renowned political scientist and linguist Noam Chomsky said.

In the interview with website published on Friday, Chomsky said, “In 1979 Iran moved towards independence. And worse than that, they overthrew the US-imposed tyrant who had been ruling the country and US interests. They’re not going to forget that.

In fact, immediately right after the Iranian revolution, the US began supporting the Iraqi invasion of Iran, which was devastating. Iraq was using chemical weapons, was killing hundreds of thousands of people, it was supported all the way through. In fact, at the very end it won the war for Iraq by closing the Persian Gulf to Iran.”

Asked whether he thought the US already had a war with Iran by way of the Iran-Iraq war, he said, “We didn’t really go to war with Iran because they’re not dumb enough to send troops to Iran. They’re pretty dumb, but not that dumb. What they’ll do, if they feel like it, is bomb from a distance, you know, missiles from the (Persian) Gulf, which could be pretty awful.”

Chomsky believes the expected return of Democrats to power in the US in 2020 will not change White House policy toward Iran.

 “The (US) hatred of Iran is such a deep-seated part of modern American culture. To eradicate it is going to be very hard. I mean — take this morning’s New York Times. It’s pretty interesting, take a look at the lead story. It’s about Trump canceling, you know, the withdrawal of the — reinstituting the sanctions against Iran. And the headline says, and then the story says that Trump thinks that reinstituting sanctions will cut back Iran’s weapons production and cut down the — their repression inside Iran, and stop their meddling in the Middle East. I mean, first of all, does Trump think that? Probably not. Is there any truth to it? There isn’t a particle of truth to any of it.”

He added, “The most repressive countries in the Middle East are the ones we support. By comparison to Saudi Arabia, Iran looks like Norway, you know. As far as violence in the Middle East is concerned, the Saudi Arabian (and) UAE actions in Yemen, which we’re supporting, are much worse than anything. But here’s the — here’s the framework of discussion, you know. To break through that kind of, you know, just presuppositions, they don’t even say it, it’s just the presupposition”.


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