Afghan Envoy Says Ties Strong, Moving Forward in Key Sectors

Afghan Envoy Says Ties Strong, Moving Forward in Key SectorsAfghan Envoy Says Ties Strong, Moving Forward in Key Sectors

Relations between Iran and Afghanistan are developing in a favorable manner in various fields, including political, economic, cultural and security, says Afghanistan's ambassador to Iran.

"The two countries have the political will to continue  bilateral, multilateral and regional cooperation and respond to common challenges within the framework of this cooperation," Nasir Ahmad Nour said at a ceremony held in Tehran Saturday to mark the 99th anniversary of Afghanistan's independence, IRNA reported.

  Serious Challenges

He said the most important challenges today are extremism, violence and terrorism, which pose a threat to Afghanistan's neighbors, the region and the world.

"Nobody should be under the illusion that there is a distinction between 'good' and 'bad' terrorism because 'good' terrorism does not exist."

Ahmad Nour added that serious, sincere and comprehensive coordination of other countries with Afghanistan could help the country deal effectively with these challenges that have transnational overtones.    

"Economic development in the region is indeed  intertwined with peace and security. Support for peace, security and stability in Afghanistan helps strengthen security and stability in the region."

The envoy said Iran is one of the countries that has  been cooperating with Afghanistan for years in different areas, including security issues.

  Joint Committees

In 2017, several specialized committees were formed in both capitals to explore ways to expand bilateral ties, he stated.

"These committees have met several times in Tehran and Kabul, have made progress and reached  agreements," Ahmad Nour said, adding that they are expected to sign a key document for long-term cooperation. Details of the agreements were not known.

The senior diplomat thanked Iran for giving refuge to  Afghans and providing them the opportunity to continue their studies. And estimated 2 million Afghan refugees live in Iran.


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