Syria Sovereignty Stable

Syria Sovereignty Stable Syria Sovereignty Stable

Former ambassador to Damascus highlighted the Syrian government’s recent victories against foreign-backed terrorists and said under the “new conditions” even other warring parties acknowledge that they cannot push for regime change in the Arab country.

“The way that the Syrian army, helped by its allies, defeated the terrorist groups, actually imposed new conditions on other Syrian players,” Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani told the Tasnim News Agency.

In the new situation, the Damascus government’s sovereignty will be stable and lasting, he said.

“Almost all players admit that there is no longer any possibility of regime change in Syria and are now thinking of the next stage,” the former diplomat said.

Therefore, the opposition is trying to reach their goals by resorting to political pressure and reshuffling political and international equations, Raouf Sheibani noted.

He said in the political arena the Damascus government and its allies can and will safeguard what they managed to gain in the battlefields.

The remarks came as Syrian forces continue to reclaim much of southern parts of the country and are poised to launch an offensive in Idlib, one of the last remaining areas outside government control.

Encouraged by the Syrian Army’s gains in the country, over 13,000 Syrian refugees have returned home so far this year from Lebanon alone, with thousands more  returning from other neighboring countries.

Syria is in the grip of civil strife since March 2011 with various terrorist groups, including Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL), fighting against the central government.


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