Assyrian Churches Reject US’ Feigned Concern

Assyrian Churches Reject US’ Feigned ConcernAssyrian Churches Reject US’ Feigned Concern

Assyrian churches in Tehran have issued a statement condemning the claims of US officials that religious minorities face discrimination in Iran.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the churches rejected US accusations of rights violations against religious minorities, saying all divine religions in the country have their own elected representatives in Pparliament, who enjoy equal rights.

The “interventionist comments” by the Americans  “through official platforms and cyberspace, especially Twitter, about violations of religious minority rights in the Islamic Republic are no more than shedding crocodile tears,” the statement said, ISNA reported.

They further noted that religious minorities in Iran need no “guardian” in their homeland and are able to defend their rights through their representatives in the Majlis and related government institutions.

They also condemned Washington’s support for the warmongering regimes in Israel and Saudi Arabia.


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