Proposal to Share Defense Capabilities With Friendly Nations

Proposal to Share Defense Capabilities With Friendly NationsProposal to Share Defense Capabilities With Friendly Nations

Commander of the Army Ground Force voiced readiness to share with friendly countries Iran’s achievements in the key defense sector.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a military exhibition on Monday, Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said the Armed Forces, including the Army Ground Force, have gained self-sufficiency in all areas of the defense, Tasnim News Agency reported.

Iran can help meet the defense needs of “friendly and brotherly countries,” the general noted. Military engineers in recent years have made headways in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous military equipment, making the armed forces self-reliant in the key sector.

Separately, the Defense Ministry unveiled a new generation of the homegrown “Fateh” (Conqueror) ballistic missile, which can evade radar and hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.

In a ceremony in Tehran on Monday, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami unveiled the new generation of Fateh missiles.

The minister said the new missile, an agile, radar-evading and tactical missile with great accuracy, has been  designed by local experts and successfully test-fired. Mass-production of the new missile will help Iran make major strides in boosting its defense capabilities and deterrent power, he added. He stressed that Iran’s Armed Forces will never back off from plans to promote the missile industry and enhance the capabilities of homegrown missiles.

Denouncing foreign interference in Iran’s defense sphere and attempts to curb Iran’s missile power, Hatami said Iran will never let outsiders to interfere in its internal affairs.


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