US Pushing Bankrupt Policy

US Pushing Bankrupt  PolicyUS Pushing Bankrupt  Policy

A US political analyst has recently called into question the logic behind Washington continuing animosity toward Iran, saying the US’ “entire policy vis-à-vis Iran is bankrupt.”
In unusual blunt statements on anti-Iran news channel Fox News, Geraldo Rivera said, “I think we have totally picked the wrong enemy in the Middle East. In my experience, and decades of war reporting, the nuisance, the evildoer in Saudi Arabia.” 
“It was the Saudi Arabians with the 9/11 hijackers. They are ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab. The Sunni Saudi Arabians are the real problem. The Iranians, I believe we can do business with them,” he added.


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Most of the world including Americans know Iran, Iranians,and Donald Trump !!! He has failed measurably and blame it on Iran !!!!! He is heavily counting on gullibility of Americans. My Fellow Americans : Iranians are most peace loving nation.And More importantly love Americans. God is my witness!

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