Defense Minster Warns Against Chaos

Defense Minster Warns Against ChaosDefense Minster Warns Against Chaos

Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami warned that one of the regional countries is investing huge amounts to foment instability and chaos in Iran. “One of the regional states has admitted that it has spent $137 billion to execute plots, spread chaos in Iran and support terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Also, the Americans and others have spent nearly $500 billion to stir insecurity in the region,” Hatami told a meeting in Tehran on Saturday, Fars News Agency reported. He did not name any country, but said hostile powers are trying to “institutionalize insecurity and chaos in the region but the resistance front foiled their plots.” The resistance front refers to Iran and its allies such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah which back the Palestinians against the brutal and illegal Israeli military occupation. “The sworn enemies of our country since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 have always opposed the  stabilization and continuation of the revolution,” he said.  “They consider the progress and realization of the goals of the revolution as harmful to their own ominous policies. [In this light], the economic war and the unjust sanctions of the US and its allies against our country over the past 40 years can and should be analyzed.”


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