Inaccurate Reporting

Inaccurate ReportingInaccurate Reporting

The deputy foreign minister told IRNA on Thursday that the reports by some Kuwaiti media on President Hassan Rouhani’s recent remarks about the decline in oil prices were “inaccurate”, saying the president has always called for efforts to strengthen ties with Kuwait and increase “effective” cooperation with the Persian Gulf Arab state on regional issues.   

Rouhani said on Tuesday that countries behind the fall in global oil prices would regret their decision and warned that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would suffer alongside Iran from the price drop.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian also said, “The regional countries should not allow an oil player in the region to create a situation that is harmful to the economy and welfare of the whole region and beneficial to the interests of foreigners.”

In addition, he said Iran and Kuwait have always enjoyed “exemplary” relations.