UNSC Inept in Addressing Palestinian Crises

UNSC Inept in Addressing Palestinian Crises
UNSC Inept in Addressing Palestinian Crises

The ambassador to the United Nations said the world body has been incapable of addressing the Middle East issues.

Hossein Dehqani made the remarks at a UN meeting on the Middle East situation and the Palestinian issue on Thursday on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, Fars news agency reported.

Iran holds the rotating presidency of the NAM.

Dehqani said, "The UN Security Council showed once again it is incapable of fulfilling its obligations in dealing with the crises and challenges in the Middle East region and is inept in implementing its own resolutions."

The envoy to the UN went on to say that the Palestinian issue has been on the UN's agenda for more than 67 years, while the UN Security Council failed again to carry out its duties vis-à-vis the issue, adding that the Palestinian nation is totally disappointed because they cannot win the right to decide their own future, since they have been deprived of peace and justice for which they have put up resistance for years.

Dehqani said despite the UN's decision to name year 2014 "The International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People", it was witnessed that the situation in Palestine deteriorated and "the cruelty of the Zionist regime against the besieged people of Gaza escalated."

More than 2200 defenseless civilians, most of which women and children, were killed in Gaza by the Zionist army during the onslaught on the enclave in June and August 2014.

The ambassador continued, "Despite serious international efforts and repeated appeals for a solution based on international law, the Palestinian territories are still occupied by the Zionist army and the regime is violating the basic rights and freedoms of the Palestinian nation, a fact, which if continues, will ultimately undermine the credibility of the global system and the rule of law."

NAM member states appeal to the UN Security Council to move to put an end to the current situation in Palestine in line with the UN Charter and take decisive action against the Israeli occupation and decades of injustice in the Palestinian territories, he added.