Oil Revenues Insufficient, Time to Diversify

Oil Revenues Insufficient, Time to Diversify
Oil Revenues Insufficient, Time to Diversify

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday oil revenues are not enough to run the country, emphasizing that efforts should be made to diversify the sources of income.

During his provincial tour of Bushehr Province and in an address to a gathering of local intellectuals and academics, Rouhani stressed that the country's affairs cannot be run by solely relying on oil revenues, adding, "We should have a variety of revenue sources, we cannot depend on a single source of income, we should get united with our neighbors and (oil) producers to solve our problems," IRNA reported.  

Referring to the belief that some countries have conspired to engineer the sharp decline in oil prices, he said, "We can manage to foil such plots through thinking and planning; we should learn to turn threats into opportunities."

He said taking measures to neutralize sanctions is the only way to be able to develop the country, adding, "In addition, we should maintain our achievements, independence and dignity."

He went on to say that the team of foreign policy experts that is currently negotiating with the major powers with the aim of striking a final nuclear deal is well aware of national interests and political frameworks.

Touching on critical remarks about the administration, he asked the critics to avoid "sarcastic language" and called for mutual respect. The chief executive said he welcomes any criticism which is made respectfully and is accompanied by solutions.

Rouhani added that his administration is ready to come to grips with challenges and feels committed to tackling problems.