Dushanbe Accused of Doing Saudi Bidding

Dushanbe Accused of Doing Saudi Bidding Dushanbe Accused of Doing Saudi Bidding

The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) has become a victim of anti-Islamic campaign in recent months whose real purpose is to counter Iran with Saudi financial backing, a Tajik political expert said.

Tajik religious and political expert Saiyidyunus Istaravshani explicated the reasons behind the Tajik government’s clampdown on Islamic movements and symbols, particularly its strong campaign against the IRPT, which it has branded as a terrorist organization, according to a report by Tasnim News Agency on Sunday.

He said the government has basically no problem with the party and was chosen as a scapegoat to carry out the covert plan of confronting Iran.

The expert said the Dushanbe government has started accusing  Iran of playing a “destructive role” in Tajikistan since a year ago, when Saudi Arabia hosted a conference in Riyadh that involved US President Donald Trump and Tajik President Emomali Rahmon.

“Because of financial constraints, economic crises and widespread corruption, the Tajik government could hardly resist the Saudi petrodollars,” he said, adding that Dushanbe made a complete about-face soon after the Riyadh conference and decided not to consider any “redlines” in how it deals with Tehran.

In July 2017, Iran’s economic and cultural offices in Tajikistan’s historical city of Khojand in northern province of Sughd were closed at the request of Tajik government.

TASS reported in September 2017 that Tajikistan is the only country that is against Iran’s bid to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


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