Interior Ministry Remains Impartial in Elections

Interior Ministry Remains Impartial in ElectionsInterior Ministry Remains Impartial in Elections

The interior minister said on Monday preparations for holding the next parliamentary election in 2016 has started, adding that his ministry under the administration of President Hassan Rouhani will remain "impartial" and will not favor any political party or faction over others.

Speaking to deputy governor generals for political affairs from across the nation, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli underlined that the interior ministry's main task is to make sure elections in the country are held "flawlessly."   

Rahmani Fazli urged interior ministry officials and all the relevant departments involved in holding elections to "avoid actions and decisions that might arouse suspicion and cause distrust among the public or be considered as favoring a certain political party and faction."

"We are all duty-bound to protect the votes of the people," that is why "I have already issued a circular for various departments within the ministry urging anyone who wants to take part in political activities to submit their resignation before (the Iranian calendar month of) Esfand (which starts on February 20)," Rahmani Fazli noted.  

He called on the interior ministry's employees to make every effort "to maintain the stability of the country, because you are custodians of stability and tranquility in the country."