Anniversary of Resumption of Cuba Ties Marked

Anniversary of Resumption of Cuba Ties Marked Anniversary of Resumption of Cuba Ties Marked

Iran and Cuba commemorated the 35th anniversary of the resumption of their diplomatic ties in a ceremony in Tehran on Sunday.

In a message to the event, President of the International Relations Committee of the Cuban Parliament Yolanda Ferrer Gomez said, "Cuba wants the parliamentary solidarity between Tehran and Havana be extended to the peoples of the two countries," Fars news agency reported.

He pointed out, "Iran celebrated the 35th anniversary of its revolution in late 2014 which coincided with the 56th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution," adding, "This is of a high significance."

  Great Similarities  

Abdolreza Mesri, member of the Majlis presiding board and head of the Iran-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group, said at the ceremony, "The two revolutions in Iran and Cuba have great similarities despite that fact that they occurred with a 20-year time difference and in two regions which are far apart."

He reiterated, "The revolutions of Iran and Cuba have provided the nations with opportunities and challenges, and their strengths will be displayed better in the world if the positive points and opportunities are reassessed."

He stated, "Lasting revolutions are those which identify opportunities and try to rectify their weak points."

The Cuban ambassador to Tehran said Tehran and Havana have always had close cooperation with each other. Vladimir Andres Gonzalez referred to the recent rapprochement between Cuba and the United States and said, "As our president stated, re-establishment of ties with the US does not imply that all differences have been resolved, since the economic sanctions (against Cuba) are still in place."

The envoy said the Cuban Revolution and Iran's Islamic Revolution are considered "turning points" in the world's history.