US Trying to Redraw Middle East Borders

US Trying to Redraw Middle East BordersUS Trying to Redraw Middle East Borders

Defense Minister Amir Hatami said that the US is planning to redraw the geographical borders in the Middle East.

Speaking at the 13th Iranian Geography Congress on Thursday, Brigadier General Hatami said Washington’s attempt to disrupt Iran’s missile defenses is one step towards that sinister goal, Mehr News Agency reported.

The minister warned the US against such destabilizing plans, saying this would further lead to war and instability in the volatile region.

“Redrawing the borders will impose another 100 years of war and conflict on the region,” he said.

The minister cautioned regional countries to not “naively” believe that they won’t be affected by the US plans to alter the borders because “enemies, in order to internalize exploitation, need to reduce the size of regional countries.”

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