US Senator Claims Nuclear Deal Was Weak

US Senator Claims Nuclear Deal Was WeakUS Senator Claims Nuclear Deal Was Weak

US senate minority leader Chuck Schumer condemned former president Barack Obama’s “weak” Iran nuclear accord, saying he wants President Donald Trump to forge a tougher agreement with North Korea following his historic summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

“I opposed the [Obama] deal. I didn’t think it was strong enough. I thought the inspection regime was weak,” Schumer told a radio station, the Washington Examiner reported. “I certainly want to see a stronger one in North Korea than the one that was proposed in Iran, where we depended on the European nations before we could inspect any new places. And I don’t trust the Europeans, particularly when it comes to Israel,” he continued.

But Schumer, the top Democrat in the senate, criticized Trump over his approach to negotiating with Kim because the US “didn’t gain much” in last week’s talks, arguing Kim received international recognition and the prospect of relaxed economic sanctions.


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