Joint Meetings Help Integrate Principlists

Joint Meetings Help Integrate Principlists
Joint Meetings Help Integrate Principlists

The secretary general of the Resistance Front says joint meetings between various principlist groups can help promote integration between them.  

“Joint meetings bring hearts closer together and can bring about unity in the future. Such meetings have led to serious integration in the past,” Hojatoleslam Morteza Aqa Tehrani said in an interview with Fars news agency on Saturday.  He also said the Resistance Front will attend such meetings to help foster empathy among principlists.

“We make every effort to have various meetings, but we are not willing to make them public. We hope that the growing trend of integration between principlists will continue to pave the way for better cooperation,” he said.

He went on to say that members of the Resistance Front hold regular meetings with leaders of other principlist groups, including Secretary General of the Combatant Clergy Association Ayatollah Ali Movahhedi Kermani, adding that he himself has weekly meetings with Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi, who is considered the source of guidance for members of the front.

On the parliamentary election in 2016, he said the front’s current meetings and gatherings are not focused on the election, adding that it is too soon to start campaigns for the Majlis election. The principlist-leaning Resistance Front has emerged as a major force on the political stage in recent years along with mainstream principlist and reformist parties.