No Leniency for Terrorists

No Leniency for Terrorists
No Leniency for Terrorists

The parliament speaker warned that Iran will show no mercy in any confrontation with terrorist groups.

Speaking at a conference on unity and security in the northwestern city of Urmia on Saturday, Ali Larijani referred to effective security measures in Iran and said, "Terrorist groups are well aware that Iran will show no leniency in dealing with them," Fars news agency reported.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers and said during the negotiating process, plots have been hatched to put the country under pressure.

He said some countries made great efforts to engineer a decline in oil prices to undermine Iran's position in the region.

Addressing the states sponsoring terrorism, Larijani said, "You disrupted the economy and peace in Iraq and Syria" which made the life of the people in both Arab states a misery.  

The parliament speaker said, "Any wise person who is concerned about the future of Islam tries to help foster unity among Muslims."

"We have increased our non-oil exports recently so that we will not be affected by the slump in oil prices," he stated.  

Addressing the countries that back terrorists, Larijani said, "We warned you some years ago that terrorist groups will cause trouble for you and we are currently witnessing the result of such backing."

  Repercussions of Wrong Syria Policy  

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 28th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on late Friday, Ali Larijani said, "The recent incident in France, which was an obvious fanatical terrorist attack, is the consequence of the West's approach toward Syria," referring to the deadly shooting attack on the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday and the ensuing fatal incidents.

He asked, "What did the West do?" saying instead of understanding the circumstances and apologizing for helping form such terrorist groups to create unrest in Syria, "the West is bullying and spreading anti-Islam propaganda," IRNA reported.

Addressing western countries, he said, "You are not aware that you are arousing Muslims' sentiments," adding that the actions of two terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, referring to two suspects wanted for the bloody attack on the French newspaper who were killed on Friday when anti-terrorist police stormed their hideout.

The parliament speaker censured the West for taking "vindictive measures" instead of modifying their approach, which has failed to resolve challenges.

Larijani said today Muslims want to decide their own fate, adding, "The incident which occurred in France proved wrong the policy of assisting and arming the terrorists in Syria."

The senior lawmaker went on to say that the people in Iraq and Syria have the right to raise questions about the current situation, noting that the West and their allies in the region should feel responsibility for the critical situation in the two Arab states because they supplied the terrorist groups with arms.

He reiterated that Iran had announced its opposition to providing aid to such armed groups.