Leader's Advisor, Cypriot FM Meet

Leader's Advisor, Cypriot FM Meet
Leader's Advisor, Cypriot FM Meet

Leader's advisor Ali Akbar Velayati held a meeting with Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides in Tehran on Saturday. In a press conference after the meeting, Velayati called for an end to support for the terrorist groups operating in the region.

The director of the Center for Strategic Research of the Expediency Council told reporters, "The support for the terrorists in the region by some western and regional states should be cut," IRNA reported. Referring to his talks with the Cypriot official, he said, "The meeting was positive and constructive in which bilateral relations and regional issues were discussed."

He continued, "Cyprus and Iran hold very close views regarding the challenges in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon."

"I expressed gratitude to the Cypriot foreign minister for backing the resistance of the people of Gaza against the Zionists' acts of aggression."

On the recent deadly shooting attack on a satirical newspaper in Paris, he said, "We express regret over what happened in France and we condemn such terrorist actions."        

"The killing of innocent people (should be) condemned, no matter it occurs in the Middle East, West Asia, North Africa or in Europe or any other place. The Islamic Republic condemns terrorism everywhere."

"It is regrettable that some innocent people are killed by terrorists in France," he added. Kasoulides, for his part, expressed pleasure about his visit to Tehran and said, "We support peaceful solutions worked out by nations free from the intervention of terrorist groups."  

The Cypriot foreign minister said, "Despite the fact that Cyprus is an EU member, I consider it a state in the Middle East region, which can play a constructive role in regional developments."