President Says Nation Unyielding to US Threats

President Says Nation Unyielding to US ThreatsPresident Says Nation Unyielding to US Threats

President Hassan Rouhani highlighted his administration’s resolve to tackle problems and resist foreign pressure, saying the US can never make Iran succumb to its demands. “The US and its allies will not be able to bring the Iranian nation to its knees… he Islamic Republic is steadfast and making progress,” Rouhani said in a meeting on Sunday, Tasnim News Agency reported. Today, the assets of certain regional countries, the state-sponsored terrorism of the Zionist regime and the world’s biggest economic and military power are mobilized against the Iranian nation, the president said, stressing that Iran is vigorously standing against outside pressures. His comments came against a backdrop of mounting US pressure on Iran and Washington’s stated attempt to further unite its regional allies against Iran.

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