US Allegations Preposterous, Diversionary Tactics

US Allegations Preposterous, Diversionary TacticsUS Allegations Preposterous, Diversionary Tactics

In a statement published Wednesday, Iran’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations highlighted the “nonsensical allegations” of the United States against Iran as a tool for distracting the world from the brutal murder of Palestinians by Israeli troops in Gaza.

The mission denounced the United States permanent representative Nikki Haley’s baseless allegations against Iran in her speech at the UN  Security Council meeting on Palestine, Mehr News Agency reported.

“When the world decries the massacre of dozens and the injuring of thousands of innocent unarmed Palestinian civilian protesters, including women and children, and while the Security Council has convened an emergency meeting to address the terrible crime, the US envoy prefers to talk about Iran, and NOT the Israeli regime’s appalling crimes,” the statement said.

“The US representative leveled tired and preposterous allegations against Iran only to distract attention from the global demand to put an immediate end to the brutal mass murder in Gaza,” it noted.

“Groups that Iran has sponsored or supported have perfected the tactic of using human shields,” the staunchly pro-Israeli Haley told the Security Council, “and inspired others to do the same.”


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