Ex-IAEA Chief Warns Arabs Against Rising Hostilities

Ex-IAEA Chief Warns Arabs Against Rising HostilitiesEx-IAEA Chief Warns Arabs Against Rising Hostilities

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei, has called on the Arab world to build good ties with Iran.

The Egyptian politician took to Twitter on Saturday, warning Arab nations about the escalation of hostilities in the already volatile region that have led to “a humanitarian catastrophe,” and “destructive conflicts” among neighbors.

According to ElBaradei, establishing “dialogue” is the only solution to the current crisis, IRNA reported, citing the newspaper Rusiya Al-Yaum.

“I am aware of the extent of Arab states’ conflict with Iran and Turkey. I deem it necessary to engage in dialogue to avoid any direct confrontation,” he said.

He called on Arab states to be independent in their decision-making from “super powers”, encouraging them to rather engage in talks with Tehran and not seek solutions proposed by extraterritorial powers.

“Start negotiating with Iran if you do not want to lose your interests and security as part of the proposed solutions, said the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner on his official account.

“Is there hope that together as Arabs we can rationally decide our common national interests and have a unified and influential view in the course of events, or are we destined to stand by and be satisfied with playing the role of the victim?”

He was apparently responding to US President Donald Trump’s recent claims to the effect that some Arab regimes would not last for one week without US support.

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