Presidential Choice of Words Castigated

Presidential Choice of Words Castigated  Presidential Choice of Words Castigated

A political analyst has criticized President Hassan Rouhani for saying that some of his ministers have become “disappointed” and talk pessimistically, saying that the president’s approach is tantamount to a veiled threat against his men who do not say what he likes and prefers.

“Rouhani says–in a vague and generalized manner–some of his ministers are spreading despair and hopelessness. He is implicitly saying that if you do not change your approach, you should step down. This means that they should not say the truth to the people,” Sadeq Zibakalam told IRNA on Friday.

Maybe some of what they say is indeed facts and bitter realities facing the nation, he said.

“Not only should the president not reproach some of his ministers, rather he should ask other officials to be candid with the people,” he said, adding that the “disappointed” ministers are in fact telling the people about the country’s challenges and problems.

Zibakalam recalled Rouhani’s campaign promises to uphold and promote transparency and honesty. In his opinion, the president treats people like children, trying to allure them with fanciful words.

The use of tired clichés like “things will get better” does more harm than good, he was quoted as saying.

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