Rouhani Urged to Reshuffle Cabinet

Rouhani Urged to Reshuffle CabinetRouhani Urged to Reshuffle Cabinet

A political analyst called on President Hassan Rouhani to make big changes in his Cabinet if he is really not satisfied with his present ministers. Last week Rouhani divided his own ministers into two categories of “the hopeful and hopeless” and warned the latter to pick up the slack if they are to keep their jobs.  “Rouhani’s Cabinet needs an overhaul,” Abdollah Nasseri told ILNA on Friday, noting that “if the president does not do anything in this regard, despair would grow in society, further damaging the president himself.” Speculations have been rife in local media about immediate changes in the Cabinet makeup.  This comes as plans are being devised for an anticipated US pullout of the historic 2015 Iran nuclear agreement that would have economic repercussions. On Friday, Eghtesadnews website reported that five changes would probably take place in Rouhani’s Cabinet in the next month, with more people expected to lose their jobs should drastic measures be required in the face of a possible economic crisis triggered by the US withdrawal from the accord.


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