Vow to Uphold Regional Strategy

Vow to Uphold  Regional Strategy
Vow to Uphold  Regional Strategy

Chairman of the General Staff of Armed Forces Mohammad Baqeri has said Iran will not back down in the face of pressure from the United States and its allies to revise its regional policy.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategy in supporting defenseless people and freedom seekers across the world and confronting the plots of the leaders of world arrogant powers will not change,” Baqeri was quoted as saying by IRNA on Friday.

“The US, its allies and some reactionary countries in the region are speaking of imposing sanctions and threatening Iran, but they should be aware that they will not be able to harm Iran,” Baqeri said. The general said that the people of the region have seen and heard all the plans and promises of the West concerning development, but what they saw as a result of this development were takfiri terrorist groups landing in the region. Takfiris are hardliners who accuse any Muslim not following their extreme interpretation of Islam as apostates punishable by death. “They have also experienced the support of Iran and the sacrifices made by the people of the region to obtain freedom for their own nations,” he said.

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