Hakim Not Opposed to Iraq Federalism

Hakim Not Opposed to Iraq Federalism
Hakim Not Opposed to Iraq Federalism

The president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said he is not opposed to a federal system in the Arab country, but Iraq is not yet prepared for such a development.

Speaking with Iranian state television on late Tuesday, Ammar al-Hakim said, “We are not against federalism, but it should be based on a strong foundation, while the current conditions are not favorable (for such a change),” IRNA reported.

He stated, “Federalization in Iraq should bring decentralization, but not lead to disintegration.”

Hakim reiterated, “We are in favor of a federal system in Iraq, but time is not ripe for it yet,” adding that Iraq should enjoy security and political and economic stability to be prepared for such a significant development.  

The Iraqi cleric touched on the key role of Iran in the battle against the so-called Islamic State and said, “The White House tried to diminish this role, but it failed.”

He said, “The history of Iran’s revolution has proved that sanctions, wars, and pressure are ineffective,” adding, “That is why we have decided to take the same path and follow the example of Iran’s revolution.”

Hakim added that Iran and Iraq enjoy “strategic” and “historical” relations and the shared culture, the long joint border and religious similarities have helped strengthen bonds between the two nations.