Stronger Negotiating Position

Stronger Negotiating PositionStronger Negotiating Position

Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Majid Ansari said on Tuesday the fact that the parliamentarians were convinced by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s responses to their questions about nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers will help strengthen the negotiating team’s position in the talks, ICANA reported.  

He also expressed hope that the outcome of the talks would pave the way for further progress of the nation, adding that the Majlis is expected to stand by the negotiators.   

Zarif appeared before parliament on Tuesday and responded to a series of questions posed by MPs on various subjects, including the nuclear negotiating team’s approach toward the nuclear negotiations.

After Zarif’s remarks, the majority of the lawmakers who were present at the session voted yes to a question raised by Deputy Parliament Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar as to whether the foreign minister’s explanations were satisfactory.