Pledge Not to Restrict Messaging Apps

Pledge Not to Restrict   Messaging AppsPledge Not to Restrict   Messaging Apps

President Hassan Rouhani vowed Sunday to uphold the people's right to their messaging application of choice, amid widespread speculation over the possible blocking of Telegram, the most popular social networking app in Iran. The speculations have led to widespread debate among the people.  Rouhani's political opponents insist the app needs to be banned to encourage the use of homegrown messaging peers. "Preventing monopolies and helping promote local messaging applications does not mean that other social networks will be blocked. People have a right of choice and are free to access multiple social networks," Rouhani wrote in a message on his Instagram account. "The government will protect cyberspace and the people's access to it for communication," he said. Telegram authorities have refused to comply with the conditions demanded by Tehran to let the app continue offering services to its large Iranian user base, estimated at 40 million plus.

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