Zarif, Johnson Talk on Phone

Zarif, Johnson Talk on  Phone Zarif, Johnson Talk on  Phone

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made a phone call to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday to discuss British involvement in the Saturday missile strike on Syria. During the phone call, Zarif condemned the attack, reiterating Iran's known opposition to the use of any kind of banned weapons, Mehr News Agency reported. He reminded the British side of western countries’ support for the  former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and his regime that used poison gas against Iran during its war with Iran in the 1980s, criticizing the western countries’ double standards. Zarif called into question the attack on Syria that took place before UN chemical weapons inspectors began an investigation, adding that the attack under the guise of Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons was carried out when the Syria’s Army had gained an upper hand over the terrorists. He reminded the British official that since the beginning of the talks on the Syrian government’s chemical weapons disarmament, terrorist groups’ access to chemical weapons has never been addressed.


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