Lebanese Politician Calls for Assistance

Lebanese Politician Calls for AssistanceLebanese Politician Calls for Assistance

Leader of Lebanon’s Kataeb Party Amine Pierre Gemayel called for Iran’s assistance in the process of election of the new Lebanese president. Disagreements among different political parties at the Lebanese parliament have impeded the election of the new president.    In a meeting with Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali on Monday, Gemayel also said the role of a major country like Iran in ensuring the security and stability of the region cannot be ignored, IRNA reported.  The leader of the Christian party described Iran an “important” and “powerful” country in the region which has allowed Christians a fully “secure” and “peaceful” life for centuries. In addition, he said the situation in the region is “very critical”, adding that holding dialogue is the only way to find solutions to regional crises, including the Syrian issue.