Defense Chief Warns Adversaries

Defense Chief Warns Adversaries Defense Chief Warns Adversaries

Defense Minister Amir Hatami warned Iran's adversaries against testing its defense power and capabilities. "The enemies of the Islamic Republic would do better not to test Iran's defensive power, because any mistake and miscalculation on their part will invite a crushing response," Hatami was quoted by IRNA as saying on Tuesday. The US and its regional allies, especially Saudi Arabia and Israel, accuse Iran of destabilizing the region and have called for curtailing its missile program and regional role. Tehran denies the allegations and insists its military power is purely defensive and a deterrent. It has been involved in regional conflicts supporting sides opposed to the US and its junior allies like Saudi Arabia. The significant gains made by Iran-allied sides in the Syria and Yemen civil wars, particularly over the past few months, have alarmed Tehran’s foes about its growing regional role and influence.     


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