MBS to Discuss Iran During France Visit

MBS to Discuss Iran During France VisitMBS to Discuss Iran During France Visit

The Saudi crown prince was to arrive in France on Sunday on the next leg of his global tour aimed at reshaping his kingdom’s austere image overseas as he seeks to reform the conservative petrostate.

Analysts note Mohammad bin Salman (aka MBS) has emphasized closer ties with US President Donald Trump just at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron has, in turn, sought to improve relations with Iran and vowed to preserve the nuclear deal, Al Jazeera reported. Several western and Arab diplomats describe the previous meeting between Macron and MBS, held in Riyadh last November, as tense.

According to three officials, the meeting was dominated by MBS threatening to curb relations with France if Macron did not alter his desire of dialogue with Iran, Riyadh’s regional rival, and push business interests there.

Macron, the officials said, reminded MBS of France’s position in the world as a nuclear power, permanent member of the Security Council member and that France was free to do what it wanted.

“The relationship could go either way, but it’s clear that Prince Mohammed feels more love from Trump than Macron,” said a French diplomat.


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