Commander Reiterates Policy of Deterrence

Commander Reiterates Policy of DeterrenceCommander Reiterates Policy of Deterrence

A commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said Saturday that Tehran follows the policy of “defense-deterrence” through an “inclusive and active” presence in Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.

Major General Gholam Ali Rashid said the regions surrounding the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea have a special status in the defense and security assessment of the Islamic Republic, Mehr News Agency reported.

He went on to add that “Iran, while monitoring all moves and developments, is fully prepared for any defense and offensive response at the same time as it seeks to manage incidents and prevent the escalation of tension and conflict in the region.”

Tehran’s policy “in the Persian Gulf region is governed by three fundamental principles: active engagement and cooperation with neighbors, defending the security and stability in the region, and a decisive response to any interference by extraterritorial powers in the region.”

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