Enough Support for More Sanctions

Enough Support for More SanctionsEnough Support for More Sanctions

A US senator says there is sufficient support for expanded sanctions on Iran in the new Republican-controlled US Congress to override veto threats by President Barack Obama. The White House has sought to dissuade US lawmakers from passing new sanctions against Tehran, warning such a move could scupper nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers on a final deal to resolve the long-running dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program.  “I think we’ll have a super-majority, a veto-proof majority, to impose additional sanctions on Iran and to require the administration to come before Congress for approval of any deal that it has with Iran,” Senator Marco Rubio told National Public Radio in an interview which aired on Thursday. Rubio said several of his colleagues support passing a bill that would require congressional approval of any agreement, and that “would trigger sanctions upon a failure of the deal at some point over the next six months.”