CIA Repeats Charges on Iran Regional Role

CIA Repeats Charges on Iran Regional RoleCIA Repeats Charges on Iran Regional Role

The CIA director repeated the claim that Iran fires missiles at Saudi Arabia through a proxy force in Yemen, saying the alleged move is “unacceptable” and constitutes “acts of war”.

Mike Pompeo also told the BBC in an interview published on Tuesday that the best way of avoiding an escalation of conflict was to make sure the Iranian people understood the cost of such activities by their government.

“I hope that they will rise up and understand that it is not the best interests of their country to send forces to places like Europe as proxies to try and conduct malign activity,” he contended.

US officials openly backed anti-government protests which erupted in some Iranian cities late last month and went as far as calling for a regime change. Iranian officials said at the time that some foreign states, including the US, were behind the riots which broke out in the wake of protests that were first staged over high prices and poor economic conditions. 

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