Moscow’s Policy on Nuclear Talks Criticized

Moscow’s Policy on Nuclear Talks Criticized  Moscow’s Policy on Nuclear Talks Criticized

Lawmaker Nozar Shafiei on Friday criticized Moscow for adopting a “profit-oriented” approach toward Iran’s nuclear dossier, saying Russian officials are only pursing Moscow’s own interests in the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers.

Shafiei said, “From the shifting attitudes and remarks made by Russian officials, we understand that Tehran should not place too much value on strategic relations with Moscow,” adding rather than relying on Moscow’s support to ensure the success of the talks, “we must take decisions based on our national interests,” ICANA reported.

“While Russian officials have recently talked about promoting Moscow’s strategic ties with Tehran; nevertheless, when they feel their own interests are at risk they certainly change tack,” Shafiei said, noting that Russia has even indicated that it will change its approach toward the nuclear talks if Washington eases sanctions against Moscow.  

The MP was referring to a statement by Russia’s foreign ministry on Tuesday saying a widening of US sanctions against Moscow may hamper bilateral cooperation on issues such as Iran’s nuclear program and the Syrian crisis.

“The actions by the United States are putting in doubt the prospects of bilateral cooperation on solving the situation around the Iranian nuclear program, the Syrian crisis and other acute international problems,” the ministry said, Reuters reported.

Shafiei went on to say that if Moscow positively contributes to the success of nuclear talks, it will open up a “new chapter” in relations between Iran and Russia.