Jordan King's Charges at Odds With Realities

Jordan King's Charges at Odds With RealitiesJordan King's Charges at Odds With Realities

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says the Islamic Republic has always sought peace, stability, and security in the region and takes advantage of every opportunity to promote dialogue aimed at solving regional problems.

Referring to recent remarks by Jordan's King Abdullah II and his claims about Iran's regional policies, Bahram Qasemi on Sunday described the Jordanian monarch's allegations as being at odds with realities and the demand of people and most countries in the region for the establishment of peace and sustainable security, Press TV reported.

In a discussion session with CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Thursday at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Jordan's king claimed that Saudi Arabia was assuming a positive role in the Middle East and was drawing "red lines" for Iran's worrying activities.

He claimed that Iran was meddling in the affairs of some Arab countries and exploiting militia and religion in regional conflicts.

Qasemi dismissed King Abdullah's accusations and said Iran's "principled and unchangeable" policy has always been based on promoting peace, stability, and security in the region.

He noted that the Islamic Republic had always made use of every possible opportunity to invite other countries to hold talks with the purpose of finding solutions to regional issues.

The spokesperson pointed to the remarks by King Abdullah, saying, "Such statements made under the current difficult and perilous conditions can never serve the interests of regional governments and nations."

He added that such comments would only be beneficial to ill-wishers, occupiers and aggressors who "do not tolerate peace, economic development, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty of countries in this sensitive region of the world."

Qasemi stressed the importance of serious determination to find and focus on the root causes of the ongoing crises and tensions in the region, adding that as long as policies are being made against people's interests, there would be no "clear prospect for the reinforcement of stability and lasting security in the Middle East."


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