Warning of Plots to Split Syria

Warning of Plots to Split SyriaWarning of Plots to Split Syria

A foreign policy advisor to the Leader of Islamic Revolution warned of Washington’s plots against the Damascus government and said the US military forces have been dispatched to the east of the Euphrates in a bid to disintegrate Syria.

From seven years ago, the Americans have been trying to occupy Syria and overthrow its government with the support of some regional players as well as the Israeli and Saudi regimes, Velayati told reporters on Saturday, according to Tasnim News Agency.

Now that all the western-backed terrorists have been defeated in Syria, “the US itself has taken direct action and dispatched its forces to the region with the aim of breaking up the Arab country,” he noted.

The remarks came after the US said it will work, along with a coalition of its allies, with US-backed militants of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces to set up a new 30,000-strong “border security” force in northeastern Syria along the frontier with Turkey.


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