New Sanctions Show US Unreliable

New Sanctions Show US Unreliable  New Sanctions Show US Unreliable

A member of parliament said the imposition of fresh sanctions by the US government indicate that the United States is untrustworthy.

The US this week placed sanctions on targets who Washington claims have helped Tehran avoid existing sanctions or commit alleged human rights abuses.

The new targets include five individuals and one entity suspected of assisting the Iranian government to buy or acquire US currency, and two companies linked to alleged human rights violations.

Hossein Zolanvar said, "Each time that the US government passes and implements a new sanctions measure, they show they are unreliable," ISNA reported on Thursday. The lawmaker stressed that all the sanctions imposed against Iran are "cruel", adding, "Iran is not obliged to abide by unjust sanctions."

He said, "The new US government's action to impose sanctions on some individuals and companies on the pretext of a deal with Iran on (provision of) research equipment is in violation of their commitments under the Joint Plan of Action (the interim nuclear deal Iran and the major powers signed in Geneva in November 2013)."

Zolanvar underlined, "The US sanctions do not affect Iran's transactions and Iran will definitely follow the path to development."

He reiterated, "The sanctions are more politically motivated… and serve as propaganda."

The parliamentarian added, "Enforcing numerous sanctions measures, while the negotiations are underway, indicates the US government lacks the required stability and integrity to make decisions or adopt policies due to their internal challenges."

The foreign ministry on Wednesday strongly criticized the latest US sanctions, saying they contravened the spirit of international talks on Iran's nuclear program.

"At a time negotiations are underway with P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany), such a move raises doubts about US intentions and violates the good will principles," IRNA quoted Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marzieh Afkham as saying.