Lebanon PM Wants Best Relations With Tehran

Lebanon PM Wants Best Relations With TehranLebanon PM Wants Best Relations With Tehran

Lebanon must “deal with” Iran, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri told Davos attendees during a panel hosted by CNBC at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday.

“Iran is a country that we need to deal with. Each nation must understand how it wants to deal with Iran,” Hariri told the audience.

Hariri took office in 2016 in a power-sharing agreement with President Michel Aoun, a Christian favored by Hezbollah, following two years during which Lebanon essentially had no government.

Iran-allied Hezbollah is the most powerful wing of the Lebanese government.

“I as a prime minister I would like the best relationship with Iran, but I would like it to be state to state,” Hariri continued. “Not for somebody to invest in Lebanon without telling me on this issue, like Hezbollah or others.”

“Iran presents a challenge in the region maybe, but dialogue also is a part of resolving this issue.”

The Saudi government, a supporter of Hariri, is archly opposed to Iranian influence in Lebanon and the Middle East.


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