Israel a Menace to Int’l Security

Israel a Menace to Int’l SecurityIsrael a Menace to Int’l Security

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says Israel is a permanent menace to international security. Addressing the Conference on Gaza, Symbol of Resistance in Tehran on Tuesday, Larijani said the Israeli regime seeks to harm the economy of other countries. He said Iran is supporting the Palestinians because they are an oppressed Muslim nation plagued by the Tel Aviv regime which has expelled them from their country, Press TV reported. Palestinians are living in poverty in camps in Lebanon, Syria, and other countries and have lost their homes, assets and jobs, he added. The top parliamentarian emphasized that defending the Palestinian people is an “Islamic, human and moral duty”. Israel is also regarded as a danger in terms of security and national interests,” Larijani said, stressing that the regime must be resisted or it would continue to push forward further and further.

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