Various Missiles Fired in Army Drills

Various Missiles Fired in Army DrillsVarious Missiles Fired in Army Drills

In the final stage of a major Army exercise on Tuesday, short-range Nasr rockets along with medium- and long-range surface-to-surface missiles were fired to strike mock enemy targets.  Iran's Army on Monday started the two-day drills involving ground, naval, and aerial forces in the country's southern regions. The wargame covered an expanse of 2.2 million square kilometers in southern and southeastern Iran, the Makran coastal strip, and other areas in the Gulf of Oman. Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, the spokesperson for the maneuvers, had told Press TV that the second day of the drills would see Iranian vessels conduct surface, anti-surface and anti-aircraft operations at the Gulf of Oman. The forces participating in the maneuvers also employed radar and surveillance systems to detect ground and aerial activities by the mock enemy. They used missiles and artillery fire to counter the threats.

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