Terrorists Aim to Undermine Iraqi Democracy, Progress

Terrorists Aim to Undermine Iraqi Democracy, Progress  Terrorists Aim to Undermine Iraqi Democracy, Progress

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said terrorist groups have been created to disrupt the democratic process in Iraq.

In a meeting with visiting Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi, Larijani said Iraq is afflicted by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, adding, "The blight of terrorism has been created by the major powers to disrupt the process of development and democracy in Iraq and has posed a threat to the entire region," IRNA reported on late Tuesday.

He continued, "Iran has been and will be standing by the brotherly Iraqis and sees itself committed to assisting them."

The senior lawmaker touched on the historic and deep ties between the two countries and said, "The presence of a huge number of Shiite Iranian nationals in the key religious ritual of Arba'een, which was warmly welcomed by the Iraqi people, serves as an example of unity between the nations in Iran and Iraq."

Arba'een is a Shiite religious observance that occurs forty days after Ashura which is the day when Imam Hussein (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his companions embraced martyrdom at Karbala.

He referred to Iran's moral support for the Iraqi nation and government and said, "Iran has made great efforts to help establish democracy and a national unity government during the new era in Iraq (referring to the time after the ouster of former dictator Saddam Hussein)."

The Majlis speaker expressed satisfaction with the consolidation of the national unity government in Iraq and reiterated, "Unity and empathy among all ethnical and political groups in Iraq have helped them overcome challenges and move toward development and progress."

Larijani stressed that Iran will continue its support for Iraq to help the country fight against terrorism.

Obeidi, for his part, expressed his gratitude for the positive stances of Iranian officials toward the Iraqi government and said, "The Iraqi nation and government have always been grateful for the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various areas, which indicates the deep relations between them."

Referring to the steps taken by the national unity government to increase unity among all ethnical and religious groups in the Arab country, he said, "The resolve of the Iraqi government and nation to overcome challenges as well as the aid from Iraq's friends, particularly Iran, have brought hope for a better future."

The Iraqi defense minister highlighted Iraq's serious determination to destroy terrorist groups and said, "Since terrorists are mostly active in the Sunni-dominated areas, the people in the region should help the government cleanse (Iraqi) territory of such groups."

He also expressed hope that security and defense cooperation between the two states would be increased.