Outgoing Algerian Envoy Calls on MP

Outgoing Algerian Envoy Calls on MP  Outgoing Algerian Envoy Calls on MP

The chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee held a meeting with the outgoing Algerian ambassador to Tehran, Sofiane Mimouni, on Tuesday.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi referred to the "religious, cultural and revolutionary" similarities between the two nations and said, "In view of the unique position of Iran in the Middle East and that of Algeria in North Africa, there are adequate capacities to promote mutual ties, which have prepared the ground for further improvement of bilateral cordial relations."

"The (potential) should be used to the benefit of the two nations' interests through holding consultations between officials," he said.

He praised the Algerian official's efforts during his mission in Tehran which helped enhance bilateral relations.

The lawmaker said the Majlis is prepared to expand parliamentary relations with the North African country, adding, "Parliamentary relations at various levels can serve as a useful tool to help increase cooperation in all areas, such as politics, economy and trade."

Boroujerdi touched on the fight against terrorists as a critical ground for political cooperation and said, "Regarding the threats posed by terrorist groups to the Middle East and North Arica region, the exchange of experience between the two states can play a key part in combating terrorism and checking its growth."

Mimouni, for his part, said Algeria is keen to expand relations with Iran in various fields and said, "The current relations between the two states are not on a par with the existing potential in the countries."

He continued, "Promotion of ties to its expected level requires officials in both countries to cooperate and hold consultations to identify the existing capacities and take the best advantage of them."

The Algerian official also referred to the threat posed by terrorist groups to international security and peace and said, "The creation and reinforcement of terrorist groups by western countries and their allies are meant to tarnish the merciful image of Islam and sow discord among Muslims, (a plot) that should be foiled by Muslims' vigilance."