Washington’s “Crocodile Tears”

Washington’s “Crocodile Tears”Washington’s “Crocodile Tears”

Iran’s UN mission released a statement to strongly condemn comments by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley concerning the riots in the country.

The Tuesday statement described Haley’s and other US officials’ remarks as idle talks aimed at supporting violence and unrest in the country, Press TV reported.

It said the comments are all part of Washington’s attempts to mask its political failures and those of its allies in the region and to take revenge on the brave people of Iran.

It also called them “crocodile tears” while adding that the people of Iran still remember Washington’s support for the Pahlavi monarchy and the 1953 coup in Iran.

The statement came shortly after Haley announced that the US would call on the United Nations to hold an emergency meeting over the situation in Iran.

She also accused Iran of “attacking” freedoms which are enshrined in the UN charter. She called on the international community to back the riots.


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