Trump's Back-to-Back Insulting Tweets Decried
Trump's Back-to-Back Insulting Tweets Decried

Trump's Back-to-Back Insulting Tweets Decried

Trump's Back-to-Back Insulting Tweets Decried

Iran's ambassador to the UK blasted US President Donald Trump for using his Twitter page to post insult after insult against the Iranian nation, urging him to concentrate on his own people's woes rather than interfering in other countries' affairs.
In a post on his official Twitter account on Monday, Hamid Baeidinejad reacted to Trump's multiple tweets over the past few days in support of the violence which has followed scattered protests against economic issues in some Iranian cities, Press TV reported.
Trump had tweeted earlier in the day that Iranian people "are hungry for food & for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted. TIME FOR CHANGE!"
Hours later, Baeidinejad said after insulting Iranians by calling them "terrorists", the US President has now described them as "hungry".
The senior diplomat was referring to Trump's October remarks addressed to a gathering of social conservatives in Washington, during which he claimed that Iran was a "terrorist nation like few others".
Baeidinejad cited latest figures released by the nonprofit organization Feeding America, based on which 42 million people face hunger in the US.
"Very bad to remind him that 1 out of 8, meaning 42 million people, including 13 million children and 5 million seniors, are hungry in the US today," he tweeted.
He also cited official figures showing that nearly half of power subscribers in Puerto Rico still lack electricity more than three months after Hurricane Maria.
"Mr. Trump should be encouraged to work harder to solve the American people's problems rather than focusing on problems of other nations," the envoy said in another tweet.  
Besides the US, Israeli officials have also reacted gleefully and voiced support for the violence.


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